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Door Makeover

Got an old internal or front door? Don’t wish to spend the money on a brand new one?
I have a solution to help you.

Take your door off the hinges & lay it on saw horses or a bench. Remove the handle, hinges or any other decorative pieces from the door. If its covered in layers of old paint, grab yourself some paint stripper, paint brushes, paint scraper & the finish you wish to have (stain etc) from the local hardware.
Apply the paint stripper as per instructions, remember to wear protective gear. Once ready, scrap the old paint from the door, you may have to reapply more stripper for those harder areas. Continue to follow the instructions on the product. Wipe down your door, make sure its dry & completely sand down all surfaces. This will make sure you remove all those uneven, rough surfaces. Wipe down the door to remove excess dust & dirty then apply your final finish as per product instructions.
Once completed, add your new hardware & re-hang the door. Well done.